Top 5 Shoes that make You Jump Higher

An amazing way to gain a few extra inches during a basketball game is to wear the right shoes. This is definitely not a myth. You can improve your slam-dunk game by investing in quality shoes that can make you jump higher.

 Are there shoes that make you jump higher?

The answer is yes.

Thanks to innovation, these shoes emerged a couple years ago and allow athletes to jump higher without any training or exercise. They take it up a notch by reducing impact injuries to the lower body. They do this by inventive force technology for shoes or by training the tendons of the athlete.

 Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) Basketball Shoes

APLs allow athletes to jump a few extra inches without exercises or workout. The magic is that as soon as athletes are laced up to these shoes, they can immediately notice a higher jumping impact as opposed to wearing normal shoes. This is a typical example of shoes that use inventive force technology. The materials used to create these shoes enhance cushioning and shock absorption.

Do APLs shoes really make you jump higher?

Interestingly, APLs gained higher recognition after they were banned from the NBA. As it was proven that athletes that wore these shoes had an unfair advantage in the court. The shoes come with additional springs that give a greater lift when effort is applied making it easier to jump higher and to run faster,

Jump Training Shoes:

Apart from APLs, there are other categories of shoes that make athletes jump higher. They are called Jump Training Shoes. They work by training the calves and the tendons to get stronger and function more efficiently. These shoes cannot be used for competitive games, they are only used during training sessions. The most popular examples are Strength shoes and Jump soles.

 Strength Shoes:

Strength shoes are basketball training shoes. The special thing about them is that they have a platform at the front such that your heels do not touch the floor. The implication is that athletes are forced to jump, run, walk using only the front of their feet. It also puts some level of strain on the calves making them stronger and generally improve quickness and jumping abilities.

 Jump Soles:

Jumping soles are just like Strength shoes. The difference is that Jump soles are plastic attachments that you can strap to your feet. They have the same effects as strength shoes with the elevated platforms. They are also used for vertical jumping increment by encouraging the use of the fore foot when running and jumping. When wearing Jump soles, the tendons and calves are stimulated in the right way. With time, the athlete will be able to jump higher and perform better on the court.

Here’s a list of top 5 basketball shoes that make you jump higher.

  • Nike Hyperdunk: The Hyperdunk is no doubt one of Nike’s best creations. Its springy and soft cushion is one of its best features. If you are sucker for amazing designs, these shoes come in great designs that allow your feet some air. Nike Hyperdunks are designed in such a way that they give support and extra lift. They are very good for jumping and definitely one of our top recommended basketball shoes.
  • Nike Kyrie 3: These shoes have gotten a lot of positive reviews for its good traction abilities. It has been proven to have very good ankle support to enable swift movement and jumping. It also has very good ventilation that prevents sweating. Nike Kyrie 3 serves its purpose as it is durable and quite affordable.
  • Adidas Harden Vol.4: The Adidas Harden brand provides superb vertical performance support. They are very comfortable and provide a good grip on the court. Another amazing attribute is impact protection. If you are looking for shoes that make you jump higher, the Adidas Harden Vol 4 is definitely one you should consider.
  •  Adidas Crazy Explosives: These shoes have been dubbed one of basketball’s top performing sneakers. The amazing fit and traction give perfect vertical performance. Full boost cushioning, amazing ventilation and extra lift are some of its best features. We recommend these shoes if you are looking to jump higher on the court.
  • Nike Lebron 16: Nike Lebron 16 has an amazing tight fit but yet very supportive. It also has balanced cushioning that easily absorbs energy when it is pushed downwards to the ground. They provide great traction for all court surfaces. If you are looking to improve vertical performance but still minimize impact, then you should definitely consider Nike Lebron 16 shoes.

How to find the perfect basketball shoes for vertical jumping:

These are six suggestions, if your goal is to find shoes that make you jump higher.

  • Good traction: Slippery shoes can be a disaster in court- especially if you are doing a lot of jumping. Look for shoes with good sole surfaces. Consider also shoes that can be used on any court surface.
  • Tight fit: A good basketball shoe should have a tight fit. This is important to maintain stability when jumping. You should consider getting your feet measured before going shopping- that way you can be sure of choosing the right size.
  • Shock absorption: When performing repeated jumping drills, shock absorption is very crucial. Look out for shoes with stiff soles and the right amount of cushioning for soft landing.
  • Ankle and Arch support:Your shoes should have tolerable support when jumping. Avoid low- top shoes. Use shoes that support the ankles properly. Good ankle support aids jumping.
  • Full Coverage for protection: Shoes serve as great protection against injuries.They protect the vital bones and veins in your feet. When picking the right shoes, its advisable to pick out the right shoes with adequate coverage. Your shoes should not be too low or too tight.  
  • Adequate Research: Its important to do your research before shopping. Be sure to review recommended options. Its also advisable to visit a proper sports shop with a wide variety of basketball shoes. Also consider shoes that will cater to your specific needs- in this case, higher jumping.

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