How Long Does a Basketball Game Last?


If you’re wondering about the how long a basketball games lasts, the simple answer is that the length depends on the type of game. However, probably the most viewed games are the NBA. These games take place in four quarters of 12 minutes each so the entire game is 48 minutes. In general, there is … Read more

Is Vertical Jump Genetic

Is the ability to achieve a high vertical jump genetic? I’ll be answering that and also give some practical ways to improve your vertical jump, whether you’re genetically blessed with height and other factors in vertical jumps or not! Is the Ability to Vertical Jump Genetic? So, is the ability to vertical jump genetic? Well, … Read more

Top 5 Shoes that make You Jump Higher


An amazing way to gain a few extra inches during a basketball game is to wear the right shoes. This is definitely not a myth. You can improve your slam-dunk game by investing in quality shoes that can make you jump higher. ¬†Are there shoes that make you jump higher? The answer is yes. Thanks … Read more

Average Vertical Jump: Norms and Scores


The vertical jump is one of the main factors when it comes to playing sports. As each and everyone interested in basketball, volleyball and football, etc. you are probably wondering what is the average vertical jump. What is the average vertical jump for men and women? The average vertical jump for men ( between 20 … Read more

Best Vertical Jump Program to Jump Higher


Best Vertical Jump Program is a combination of plyometric and strength training to increase one’s vertical. This program breaks down the concepts, nutrition, and workout schedule that is essential for any trainer seeking to take their athleticism to another level. Improving one’s jump height can change everything about an athletic ability. When one decides to … Read more

Who Has the Highest Vertical Jump in the World?

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How Tall Do You Need to Be to Dunk?


Hello guys, in today’s post I’d like to go more indept and answer the question how tall do you need to be to dunk? If you enjoy basketball, especially professional basketball, you’ve seen them dunk. It looks cool and easy. You might think – Yeah, sure, maybe for them it’s easy… especially for the players … Read more

Do Calf Raises Increase Vertical Jump?


If you’re looking to improve your vertical jump, you may have heard calf raises are one of the best ways to do that. In this article, I’m going to be discussing whether calf raises will help with that goal or not specifically. I’ll also be offering some tips to avoid injuries, other benefits of calf … Read more