Best Vertical Jump Program to Jump Higher

Best Vertical Jump Program is a combination of plyometric and strength training to increase one’s vertical. This program breaks down the concepts, nutrition, and workout schedule that is essential for any trainer seeking to take their athleticism to another level. Improving one’s jump height can change everything about an athletic ability.

When one decides to work on their vertical jump, they need to make crucial decisions like:

  • What vertical jump program should one go to?
  • What program is going to bring one the best outcome?

Vert Shock and Jump Manual are Best Vertical Jump Program for improving the vertical and eventually being able to dunk like a pro. The two programs have been proved to work and increase one’s vertical jump significantly. However, a certain number of people will have better results by using Vert Shock program and others will show better results by using Jump Manual.

If you are wondering how tall do you have to be to dunk, please don’t hesitate to check out this article.

However, Vert Shock is considered to be one of the best vertical jump programs, according to many athletes who have used it to increase their vertical.

Vert Shock Review


It is a training program which uses targeted explosive plyometric training to shock one’s central nervous system into jumping higher. It works by using ‘Shock Training” to extract more force from one’s muscles. Vert Shock works because one will essentially be training their muscle fibers to support bounce and flexibility.

This program is an eight-week training course, and it is divided into three phases. The phases are:

Pre-shock phase.

This part of training will be focused on arming oneself with knowledge and one’s body with strength and endurance it needs to jump higher

Shock phase

It covers six weeks of training time, and it is where the bulk transformation occurs.

Post shock phase

It is the final week of training. One needs to cement everything the body has learned through the prior training weeks. The muscle memory takes hold, and the body retains ability to reach higher vertical jumps.

Why is Vert Shock considered as the best option?

Some of the reasons which make Vert Shock a better option include:

  • Delivers its results faster and in a better way

It is easier to really improve one’s quickness compared to one’s strength. The Vert Shock focuses on speed and only lasts eight weeks divided into three phases, as said above, whereby as one goes through each phase, they will be jumping higher and higher than they thought ever possible and it’s so effective. It also means that the workouts are shorter and provide lightning-fast results.

  • The workouts are easier to learn and more safe.

It majorly focuses on jumping related exercises and plyometrics. The workouts are performed without added weights, and they are therefore easier to learn, safe and can be done anywhere.

  • Vert Shock workouts are not time-consuming/ intensive.

The workouts last only for eight weeks and are mostly done in more or less 45 minutes, unlike other vertical jump programs that may last up to 2 hours.

  • Vert Shock is cheap and affordable.

When doing the workouts, no gym membership is required, and the money for training is affordable to everyone. In most cases, it’s less than $100 hence so affordable.

Who is suitable for Vert Shock program?

This vertical jump program is suitable for everyone, including those who are starting their training program. This is because it’s safe, can be done at any place of choice and it’s not time-consuming. However, if one has had problems with their knees and other joints before, Vert Shock will be problematic because the jumps and other plyometric exercises are usually hard on one’s joints.

Jump Manual Review


The Jump Manual usually focuses on force by including classic strength exercises. It entails squats and Dead-lifts, which move a lot of weight hence making them more difficult to perform. These can be easily done hence causing so much harm on one’s body.

Jump Manual mostly uses force. This means that one is jumping off of two feet and bending their knees very deep when jumping. The jumpers are muscular and gain insignificant height off the run compared to jump from still. Jump manual is relatively slow and benefit less as by improving speed.

Difficult weightlifting exercises are also incorporated in Jump Manual training programs, which are not friendly for beginners. This makes most people to prefer other vertical jump programs.

Jump Manual workouts have an added advantage that legs also bring about more stability and may prevent future injuries.

Over the past eight years, this program has gathered many satisfied customers that really show that the program really works despite a serious challenger, Vert Shock, emerging.

While the program does work, it is very demanding in terms of time and efforts, and it takes longer to see results. Jump Manual lasts for 12 weeks and the workouts last for about 2 hours.

The pricing for Jump Manual is affordable; hence one can be able to afford its workout programs. The cost is the same as Vert Shock.

Who is suitable for Jump Manual?

Jump Manual is suitable for those who are a bit older; let’s say above 35 years of age, and those who feel their capability for speed is low. This is because speed decreases with age as older people are slower in action.

Final Thoughts

The best vertical jump programs have similar goals of increasing one’s vertical jump, but they execute the goals from slightly different angles. There are various factors that determine an athlete’s ability of jumping higher.

Some of the factors include flexibility, strength, quickness and many more. The two programs train all these factors to different levels. Despite the difference in effectiveness of both programs, the pricing is the same for both discussed vertical jump programs hence making them affordable to anyone willing to increase their vertical.

Therefore, one needs to think well about the best workout program for them so as to achieve their desired vertical. However, for the majority of the people, Vert Shock is the vertical jump program of choice.

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