Best Exercise To Jump Higher | My best tips to follow

Jumping higher is an essential component in each sport you might want to practice. No matter if it’s Basketball, Football, Volleyball or any other as the list can go on endlessly. We all love to follow the NBA league and having to watch players dunk like it’s not a big deal.

But at the end of the day that means a lot of training and efforts, for sure. Even though it might come naturally for many, it takes time and practice to get those results. Nevertheless, if you know which are the Best Excercise to jump higher, you can easily boost the way you play or even perform a dunk.

Nevertheless, this shouldn’t discourage you in case you don’t have the best genetics to be able to jump higher. There are so many examples, where people put a lot of dedication and efforts and were, eventually, able to reach the highest level. Of course, this comes with a lot of hard work. It is essential to train properly and consistently.

Here are my Best Exercise To Jump Higher like it’s nothing.

1. Back Squats

3D render of a male figure in a barbell squat highlighting the muscles used

If you’re looking to develop a lot muscles and add more explosiveness to your vertical jumps, the Back Squat is one of the best exercises which you can use. It has many variations on how to perform it and it will really depend on the level you are.

For beginners that are just starting out, the squats can be done without any weights at home. Аnd once able to make comfortably at least 100 reps of squats; then move to the next level and start adding more weights. Of course, cut the number of repetitions.

Studies have shown that athletes who have implemented the squats in their twice-a-week training have increased the vertical jump with more than 50%. In addition to that, it’s also proven that squats can increase the testosterone levels with nearly 20% before each workout.

While doing the squats, the form is very crucial as this will lead to better results and less injuries.

Don’t forget it is essential to warm your muscles up before any intense physical exercises. There are plenty of warm-up video suggestions depending on your flexibility.

2. Deadlifts


The deadlift is another very powerful movement which will help you build a meteoric power to jump higher. Like the squat, it involves performing it with the proper form to achieve better results. Never compromise form over speed.

There are many ways in which the deadlifts can be done. For example, using dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells, etc.

While the squats put a lot of stress in the lower body, the deadlift works almost the entire body. The muscles that are actively involved in are the erector spinae , the gluteus maximus and hamstrings. They all work to extend the hip joint which is the very reason you can expect much better results.

Then the other muscles participating are the quadriceps to extend the knee joint; also the adductor magnus which works to stabilize the legs.

3. Calf Raises


Calf raises are effective method of improving the gastrocnemius, tibialis posterior and soleus muscles of the lower leg. The movement performed is plantar flexion, a.k.a. ankle extension.

The gastrocnemius is the largest part of your calf muscle. It’s the part that bulges and gives the rounded shape of your leg. The tibialis posterior is the lower, more tapered part.

Lastly, the soleus is underneath the gastrocnemius and it’s thinner and longer. I am giving you this anatomic description so you could easily notice how each and every part of your body eventually improves.

Having said that, the Calf Raises will improve the explosiveness when you are jumping.  It will definitely help you a lot, especifically when you work out for a higher vertical jump.

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4. Leg Curls

Let’s move on with the Leg Curls.

Implementing them into your workout is one of the best ways to build stronger hamstring muscles. Undoubtedly, the hamstrings are the key muscles to strengthen if you are looking to increase your vertical jumps. That is because they provide you with the pushing power when you “lift” off the ground.

Having all that in mind, the Leg Curls will also help you when you sprint. This is specifically when you are about to take off as the entire body movement revolves around the hamstrings.

So far, so good, guys.

No matter how hard it may seem, we have to move on with our next challenge: plyometrics.

5. Plyometrics

This is a whole independent category of many exercises included. However, if you are looking to improve your vertical jump, those would be essential to your workout.

For each basketball player, jumping, sprinting and changing directions fast is essential in the gameplay. So in order to get more cardio and overall endurance, the suggest exercises would be:

  • Squat Jumps
  • Box drill with rings
  • Zigzag hops

6. Barbell Lunges


Lunges are amazing exercise for strength and overall building up muscle groups. Those are truly important since you will want to be able to jump in two feet as well as keep the same results with one foot.

Usually, we are all more flexible and powerful with one of our legs but our goal is to make them even. It is not impossible, that is for sure. The movement will involve mostly:

7. Jumping Rope

The jumping rope is maybe one of the most universal moves a sportsman should master. It offers one of the best movements for the entire body, especially when looking to strengthen the calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and abs. I consider this exercise really crucial as it’s not only a great warm-up but essential cardio too.

All of those muscles will help with the explosiveness of your jumps which will lead to better results when increasing the vertical.

It can be performed literally everywhere you can think of. It’s a suitable to do it in the gym, outside in the park or on the street, even at home!

Moreover, it’s suitable for complete beginners. Of course, with time and patience, you will be able to perform more and more repetitions switching feet. This will lead to better cardio results as well as vertical accomplishments.

Putting together all

It is very important to maintain a good form while doing the exercises. Some of them will take a bit of practice until you are able to add some weights.

Don’t be put off in case you are not able to perform a certain exercise by book or with less weights, as with time your body will adapt. I promise you this will lead to much better results since you will be able to strengthen your muscles. Inevitably, this will result in higher jumping explosiveness.

There are many ways to implement everything in certain workout. All of that, of course, will need certain level of dedication until you are able to achieve the desired results.

Finally, having a proper diet is also essential to all above. If you are able to build more muscles and cut some fat, your body won’t require that much of energy to jump higher and you will instantly see results.

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